BH&Cloud is the equivalent of Cloud Station for your mobile device. It allows you to select your folders on the server that you want to synchronize with your mobile device and make them available for offline viewing.

DS cloud also gives you full control over the synchronization criteria: for each folder you can set the maximum file size and the type of files you want to synchronize.

1) 1) Download the application Synology DS cloud from the Android or Apple store

2) Install DS Cloud.

3) Set the application according to the pictures

  • address – select your “home” folder from the server
  • *

username can consists just from the plain “username” but it’s highly recommended to use full format

4) Select local storage in your phone

5) Create some desired folder

6) Select Sync subfolders

7) You can choose sync options

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of some troubles during the installation

This manual is also available for download in PDF format