With large storage capacities, BH&Cloud Drive makes files easily accessible whenever and wherever you need them.


1) Ask through the contact form to get your trial Drive account today! In the subject section of the form please write “I want to try BH&Cloud Drive today“.  Then you will receive an email with a new login information.

* The username can be in the simplified format “user”, but also in the full format user@bohemian.cloud


2) Open the website https://drive.bohemian.cloud in your browser and enter your login name and password from the registration email. You will be asked to change your password.

Later, in case you want to change your password again, enter your login name and click the option “forgot your password?” according the pidture.
The link with for a password change will be sent to your email.


3) Download Synology DRIVE mobile client from Google Play or Apple portal. Install it and set it as shown below.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of installation problems

This manual is also available for download in PDF format